July 2008

How Beliefs and Values Influence What Tastes Good

30 July 2008

Meat means social power and, for some, it’s the power that really tastes good.

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Are Boys Better Than Girls At Maths?

29 July 2008

The widespread assumption has been that there is a difference in mathematical achievement that needs explaining.

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The Way We Were: 10 Crucial Child Psychology Studies

25 July 2008

10 classic child psychology studies that have illuminated crucial areas of childhood development.

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Irritating Psychobabble: Disorders Win!

23 July 2008

Some favourite examples of psychobabble – technical psychological terms used out of context.

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Jean Piaget’s Four-Stage Theory: How Children Acquire Knowledge

22 July 2008

Piaget has the dubious claim to fame of having produced perhaps the most criticised psychological theory of all time.

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6 Types of Play: How We Learn to Work Together

15 July 2008

The pioneering developmental psychologist Lev Vygotsky thought that, in the preschool years, play is the leading source of development.

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Human-Cat Psychology: Do Cats Improve Our Mood and Become Attached to Us?

14 July 2008

Cats’ effects on human mood, their ability to become attached to their owners, their personalities and our relationships with them.

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