May 2008

40% Experienced Paranoid Thoughts on Virtual Journey

20 May 2008

Virtual reality study finds that 40% of the general population experienced paranoid thoughts during a tube ride.

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How To Avoid Choosing the Wrong Job or House: Fight the Distinction Bias

19 May 2008

Psychological research on the ‘distinction bias’ suggests we may often get decisions wrong because we fail to balance up the options correctly.

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Guide to Psychology Blogs – Part 5

18 May 2008

Discover the most accessible and well-written psychology blogs available on the web.

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13 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Decision-Making

15 May 2008

13 quick techniques based on psychological research to help us combat our mind’s inherent flaws in decision-making.

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Why Familiarity Really Does Breed Contempt

14 May 2008

People’s intuition is that learning more about a new acquaintance will lead to greater liking. In fact, on average, we like other people less the more we know about them.

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Infant Memory Works From Very Early

13 May 2008

How psychologists have examined the emergence of memory in our first few years of life.

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Why Your Future Self is an Emotional Mystery: The Projection Bias

12 May 2008

We can have considerable difficulty predicting our future requirements because our current emotional states override them.

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