May 2008

How to Choose Happiness: Combat 5 Decision-Making Biases

29 May 2008

Choosing happiness can be hard work, but the effort often pays off.

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Infants Imitate Others When Only Weeks Old

28 May 2008

What do infants understand about the social world?

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4 Belief Biases That Can Reduce Pleasure

27 May 2008

People have a natural tendency to over-generalise beliefs about their emotions to situations where they don’t apply.

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Mondays Are Not As Depressing As You Think

26 May 2008

Surely Mondays are the most depressing day of the week? New research, though, suggests Mondays aren’t as bad as we think.

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See How Easily You Can Avoid The Memory Bias

23 May 2008

To make decisions that will make us happy in the future we need to acknowledge how the memory bias can warp our predictions.

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Why Money is Part of Human Nature: Money as Both Tool and Drug

22 May 2008

Human behaviour towards money can’t solely be explained by its utility, it has a more addictive quality – like a drug.

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Internet Dating 2.0: Why Version 1.0 is Unsatisfying and Aversive

21 May 2008

Online daters have become disillusioned with standard profile-based sites that are now the internet dating norm.

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