March 2008

Two Brains for the Price of One?

18 March 2008

Everyone has heard the idea that our left-brains are logical, verbal, rational and scientific while our right brains are spatial, emotional, intuitive and creative.

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50% of College Students Think We See Like Superman, Despite Perception Course

7 March 2008

The roots of the idea that we see by firing rays out of our eyes goes back way past Superman and X-Men.

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The ‘Strange Situation’: Window on a Child’s Past and Future

6 March 2008

We are social animals, relying heavily on our ability to form relationships with others to help us negotiate our way through life.

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Newborns Don’t Bond Immediately with their Mothers

5 March 2008

A misconception often entertained by rookie psychology students is that babies develop a very quick psychological connection to their mothers, perhaps within hours or days of birth.

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Why Psychology is Not Just Common Sense

4 March 2008

Psychology it not just common sense, but do psychologists go too far in denying similarities?

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