March 2008

Whistlestop Tour of Research on the Psychology of Money

31 March 2008

In recent years psychologists have uncovered all kinds of fascinating and strange new things about the psychology of money.

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Psychology of Money: What Do We Want To Know?

31 March 2008

This week PsyBlog is dedicated to the psychology of money.

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Graphology: Connections Between Handwriting and Personality are Illusory

26 March 2008

At first glance the myth that our personalities might be hidden in our handwriting is attractive.

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The Attitude-Behaviour Gap: Why We Say One Thing But Do The Opposite

24 March 2008

It’s only natural to think a person’s attitudes and behaviours are directly related.

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The Mind Cannot Beat Cancer

21 March 2008

Two widely publicised studies have contributed to the myth that the progress of cancer can be effectively battled with the power of the mind.

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Is a Bigger Brain Really Better?

20 March 2008

It’s an attractive idea that the bigger the brain, the more able the animal, but just try chatting to an elephant.

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At Creativity’s Heart: Balancing Chaotic and Ordered Thinking

19 March 2008

For some people creativity and chaotic thinking naturally go hand-in-hand, but for others it doesn’t.

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