Americans Less Happy with Positive Events than Asians

1 October 2007

A new study finds that when positive events happen to European Americans, they do not increase happiness as much as for Japanese, Asian Americans and Koreans.

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War, Peace and the Role of Power in Sherif’s Robbers Cave Experiment

30 September 2007

Sherif’s Robbers Cave experiment, a classic study of prejudice and conflict, has at least one hidden story.

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Men Happier Than Women? Another Bogus Sex Difference

28 September 2007

Claims of a ‘happiness gap’ come from evidence finding that in the last 35 years women’s subjective well-being has been in decline.

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Schizophrenia Explained: The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn R. Saks (Book Review)

27 September 2007

In her new book, Elyn, R. Saks describes the monumental challenges she faced in her journey through madness.

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Malcolm Gladwell on Why More Choice Means More Profit

24 September 2007

Most industries have long since adopted the mantra that increasing choice means increasing profits.

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Expressing Negative Experience is Both Symptom and Cure

23 September 2007

Some of my favourite research in psychology finds that expressive writing can benefit both physical and mental health.

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Increase Life Satisfaction by Analysing the Negative But Just Experiencing the Positive

19 September 2007

Our well-being isn’t just affected by what we think about, but also how we think.

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