August 2007

How to Build Courage Through Personality Traits and States of Mind

31 August 2007

New research suggests courage is driven by personality traits, self-efficacy, hope, resilience, values, beliefs and social forces.

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How to Improve Mood, Raise Energy and Reduce Tension

30 August 2007

What strategies do you use to make yourself feel better, increase your energy levels and reduce your tension?

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Cradling to Right Linked to Depression in New Mothers – Or is it?

29 August 2007

The mainstream media are reporting that the side on which mothers cradle their babies may be linked to maternal depression.

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Music + Body Language = More Excitement

29 August 2007

Seeing a band live is a much more engaging experience than listening to a recording at home.

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Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties?

28 August 2007

If there was ever research guaranteed to make women suspicious of male researcher’s motivations it’s this one.

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This Week in Psychology

27 August 2007

The science of magic is always fascinating.

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Optimists and Realists Seen In Better Light Than Pessimists

23 August 2007

Does optimism have a downside in that other people think you’re self-deluded, mindless and just plain annoying?

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