July 2007

What is Guilt For?

30 July 2007

A new experiment suggests the function of guilt is both to punish the self and encourage us to make amends.

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Last Albert Ellis Interview | Cannabis Risks | Seinfeld Tip

28 July 2007

After the death of Albert Ellis this week, the papers were filled with obituaries for one of the grandfathers of cognitive therapy.

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Best Optical Illusions Online

26 July 2007

Although it’s a pretty simple effect, it’s one of the best visual illusions I’ve seen.

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Empathy Causes Facial Similarity Between Couples to Increase Over Time

25 July 2007

Would you believe that people who live with each other for 25 years actually develop similar facial features?

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10 Practical Uses For Psychological Research in Everyday Life

23 July 2007

Top 10 list of what you can learn practically from the psychological research discussed here recently.

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People ‘Playing the Field’ More Angry At Infidelity

23 July 2007

Those high in ‘mating effort’ tend to pursue more short-term mating strategies.

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Misrepresenting Science: The Observer’s Autism Scare Story

22 July 2007

The Observer printed an article claiming an as yet unpublished study shows a dramatic rise in the prevalence of autism.

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