June 2007

Encephalon #25 – The Neuroscience and Psychology Blog Carnival

18 June 2007

Welcome one and all to the 25th edition of the mighty Encephalon blogging carnival!

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Objects in the Home Reflect Your Relationship

15 June 2007

When I walk into someone’s home, almost without thinking I look around at the whole decor, but I’m particularly interested in prominently displayed objects.

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Guide to Psychology Blogs – Part 4

13 June 2007

Discover the most accessible and well-written psychology blogs available on the web.

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Dreaming of Evidence for Telepathy

11 June 2007

For a few minutes after waking, my mind is filled with the alien imagery of dreams. Perhaps these dreams contain the roots of my neuroses?

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Psychological Testing for New Drivers is Flawed

9 June 2007

Under these plans, before passing the driving test in the UK, it will be compulsory to show the right psychological attitudes to road safety.

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Don’t Stand So Close to Me

8 June 2007

An experiment to test how the speed and flow of men’s urination in a public lavatory was affected by invasions of personal space.

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Superstitious Pigeon-Guided Missiles

7 June 2007

During WWII, in the days before cheap computing, guiding a bomb to its target was a more miss than hit affair.

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