May 2007

Which Culture Most Controls Their Facial Emotions?

16 May 2007

According to some research it’s Russians!

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Detecting Lies: Top 3 Myths, Top 5 Proven Factors

12 May 2007

Lies are extremely difficult to detect. Research shows the average person barely does any better than chance.

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Meaning and Memory in Gesture

10 May 2007

A strange thing happens when talking we usually don’t notice – our hands move.

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Busting The Myth 93% of Communication is Nonverbal

8 May 2007

The original experiments from which these findings derive only applied to communicating attitudes and feelings.

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The Nonverbal Symphony of Attraction

7 May 2007

Interactions were videotaped from behind a one-way screen and participants were asked afterwards how likely they would be to go on a date with the person they’d met.

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How do Emoticons and Capitalisation Affect Perception of Email?

5 May 2007

Compared with face-to-face communication, nonverbal cues in email are lacking. But humans are fabulous at generating meaning even when cues are sparse.

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Gender Differences in Reading Nonverbal Behaviour

3 May 2007

In testing understanding of nonverbal behaviour, research has found that women fare better than men.

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