What’s Our Motivation?

28 September 2006

[Photo by clickykbd] Motivation is at once one of the most exciting and one of the most troubling areas of psychology. In asking what makes us human, motivation seems to […]

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Why Do People Participate in Research?

24 September 2006

[Photo by Thomas Hawk] The BPS Research Digest recently drew my attention to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, which has relevance for all types of psychological research. […]

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Unity: Toward a Useful Mass Movement

14 September 2006

[Photo by Hugo] As promised the unity debate continues (start here) with a look at the whole second issue in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. Rather than summarising the articles […]

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Vehicles Pass Closer to Helmeted Cyclists

13 September 2006

[Photo by Jason Rogers] Here’s a subject close to my heart: cycling. Not least because I’m a keen cyclist myself but also because cycling is good in so many different […]

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Reflecting on Unity

5 September 2006

[Photo by Steve Wall] For those of you finding the discussion on unity in psychology a little dry (surely not!?!), I have good news: this is the penultimate post in […]

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Unity: Support From Cognitive Science

30 August 2006

[Photo by Melisande] Stanovich (2004a) agrees with two central points of Henriques’ argument (start here). Firstly that human cognitive architecture can be split into ‘two broad domains’: quick-acting, unconscious parallel […]

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Unity: Avoiding Critical Reflection?

27 August 2006

The harshest criticism I’ve yet read of Henriques’ bid to unify psychology (starting here) comes from Stephen Yanchar. He sees Henriques’ work as an attempt to repackage extant theoretical perspectives […]

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