August 2006

Unity: Support From Cognitive Science

30 August 2006

[Photo by Melisande] Stanovich (2004a) agrees with two central points of Henriques’ argument (start here). Firstly that human cognitive architecture can be split into ‘two broad domains’: quick-acting, unconscious parallel […]

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Unity: Avoiding Critical Reflection?

27 August 2006

The harshest criticism I’ve yet read of Henriques’ bid to unify psychology (starting here) comes from Stephen Yanchar. He sees Henriques’ work as an attempt to repackage extant theoretical perspectives […]

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Unity: A Noble Quest

24 August 2006

[Photo by scalleja] Recently, in the search for unity in psychology (starting here) we’ve hit quite a lot of naysayers: psychology is already unified, it doesn’t need unification, it’s impossible, […]

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Unity: Psychology is the Mother of All Sciences

22 August 2006

A philosophical response to Henriques comes from Jack Presbury who wants to give the Tree of Knowledge a good shake. This article is superficially attractive not least because he states: […]

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Unity: Fuzzy Terminology

21 August 2006

[Photo by larryosan] More criticism of attempts to unify psychology which, as you will see, don’t much impress me. Lilienfeld (2004) responds to Henriques’ article by asking whether attempting to […]

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Unity in Psychology: The Search Starts Here

15 August 2006

[Photo by DerrickT] When I started my first psychology course I couldn’t understand the separation between the different subjects, or disciplines, in psychology. Developmental psychologists aren’t that much different from […]

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Unity: The Cognitive Revolution Unifies

15 August 2006

[Photo by CSSA at UCSD] Thank Kihlstrom (2004), some clarity. I’ve just been reading his response to Henriques’ proposals for a unified psychology, and the man talks a lot of […]

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