A Process Model of Appraisal

29 December 2006

Appraisal theory posits that our emotions are generated through an evaluation of particular types of information that are relevant to us.

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Appraisal Processes in Emotion

3 December 2006

The best known modern theory conceptualising emotional states concentrates on two dimensions: valence and arousal.

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Emotional Blogging

28 November 2006

[Photo by Claudecf] One of the problems with blogging is that content gets old really fast. This can mean that great old posts can get lost under the sheer weight […]

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Neural Correlates of Emotional Judgements

20 November 2006

[Photo by robertrazrblog] At the outset of this journey into the emotions, I considered the philosophical work of Robert Solomon. Recall that Solomon argues that emotions are judgements and strategies […]

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Emotion, Learning, Attention and Perception

19 November 2006

[Photo by aigarius] If you were forced at gunpoint to choose the part of the brain that plays the most important role in emotion, you might well plump for the […]

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Blurred Definitions of Affect and Emotion

17 November 2006

[Photo by Hugo] Blurry and confusing definitions are the stock-in-trade of psychologists, just as they are of many other scientists. Perhaps you have noticed that I have been guilty of […]

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Separating Emotion From Cognition

17 November 2006

[Photo by mhuang] One of the main points I took away from the discussion on unity is that psychology needs to integrate results from different methodologies in order to better […]

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