‘Neo-Sexuality’ and ‘Objectophilia’

8 June 2005

Avert your eyes if easily offended because today we tackle the subject of objectophilia. That’s falling in love with things, rather than people, and apparently ‘things’ includes pets. Volkmar Sigusch, […]

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Career Advice: Do What You Love. No Really!

5 June 2005

“Commencement speakers have long offered graduating seniors the same warm and gooey career advice: Do what you love. And graduates have long responded the same way: They’ve listened carefully, nodded […]

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Bereavement Counselling Shows No Benefit

4 June 2005

Research that challenges the status quo is always worth taking notice of: “Bereavement counselling – long considered by psychologists to be vital in recovering from the death of a loved […]

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New Findings in Cross-Sensory Perception

31 May 2005

Now, being a loyal follower of all things psychological, as I’m sure you are, you’ll have heard of synaesthesia by now. If not, trundle on over to Wikipedia and have […]

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Childhood Cynicism Develops Early

30 May 2005

After findings about the brain areas responsible for understanding sarcasm and irony earlier in the week, we now have new research into the development of cynicism. In this research, children […]

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Brains Brains Brains

26 May 2005

Perhaps verging on the ghoulish today, but still a good reality check for all students of the mind/brain – whether amateur or professional: A story from the NYT about the […]

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Daniel Tammet, The Boy With The Incredible Brain

25 May 2005

Having now seen the excellent documentary on the autistic savant, Daniel Tammet, and noting the subject’s popularity, I’ve done a little Googling to get some more information for you… This […]

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