No Physiological Basis For Male Bisexuality in New Study

6 July 2005

A new study with the potential for considerable controversy, finds little physiological evidence for bisexuality in men. Psychological investigations into bisexuality in the past have mostly been based on self-report […]

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Women Experience Pain Differently From Men

5 July 2005

BBC News reports a study showing that women, on average, experience more pain than men as well as dealing with pain in a different way. This is certainly an interesting […]

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Brian Blackwell and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

3 July 2005

This week the teenager who received a life sentence for murdering his parents, turned media attention to a little known psychiatric diagnosis called narcissistic personality disorder. One of the most […]

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Tom Cruise Exposes Psychology as a Fraud

28 June 2005

Psychology suffered a crushing blow yesterday as Tom Cruise announced he did not believe in it. Psychologists and psychiatrists across the world shrugged their shoulders, admitted defeat and packed their […]

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Hypnosis By Any Other Name

27 June 2005

A team of researchers at University College London wanted to find out if hypnosis by any other name is still hypnosis. Two groups of people were put through the same […]

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The Brain in Orgasm

20 June 2005

BBC News brings us the exciting headline that a brain scan can spot women faking orgasms. Unfortunately it provides no clue as to how to entice a woman to have […]

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Mental Health First Aid

20 June 2005

“Health officials have launched a trail blazing drive aimed at spotting early signs of mental illness. The Mental Health First Aid scheme is aimed at health service staff, job centres, […]

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