July 2005

London Bombings: Guardian Journos Disorientated

9 July 2005

There was a contradictory and confusing article in The Guardian yesterday about the psychological after-effects on the survivors of the London bombings. We are encouraged to provide support but Dr […]

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London Bombings: Why We Are Glued To The TV

8 July 2005

Since the terrorist attacks in London yesterday, we have all been glued to the TV for the latest news. The images and stories of blood splattered survivors and long shots […]

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London Bombings: Psychology of Terrorism

7 July 2005

As the dust settles on the terrorist bombings that hit London yesterday, and people begin to take stock of what has happened, thoughts will doubtless turn to how such atrocities […]

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No Physiological Basis For Male Bisexuality in New Study

6 July 2005

A new study with the potential for considerable controversy, finds little physiological evidence for bisexuality in men. Psychological investigations into bisexuality in the past have mostly been based on self-report […]

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Women Experience Pain Differently From Men

5 July 2005

BBC News reports a study showing that women, on average, experience more pain than men as well as dealing with pain in a different way. This is certainly an interesting […]

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Brian Blackwell and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

3 July 2005

This week the teenager who received a life sentence for murdering his parents, turned media attention to a little known psychiatric diagnosis called narcissistic personality disorder. One of the most […]

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