June 2005

Psychosurgery: Lobotomy and Deep Brain Stimulation

14 June 2005

Lobotomy and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) represent the two bookends of psychosurgery’s fall and rise. Since the Nobel Prize was won in 1949 for the findings on which the lobotomy […]

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Seeing Yourself: A Case of Autoscopy

13 June 2005

The BPS research digest reports: “Imagine if wherever you looked, you saw a translucent mirror image of yourself, about one metre in front of you. It’s wearing the same clothes […]

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Female Orgasm Study Rubbished by Sexologists

9 June 2005

You may have seen a story in the media earlier in the week about the genetic component of the female orgasm. It cropped up all over the place including The […]

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100,000 Chinese Married Online to People They’ve Never Met

9 June 2005

The new trend of online marriages in China has been highlighted after a man who, not content with having a real-world wife, married a woman online he had never met […]

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‘Neo-Sexuality’ and ‘Objectophilia’

8 June 2005

Avert your eyes if easily offended because today we tackle the subject of objectophilia. That’s falling in love with things, rather than people, and apparently ‘things’ includes pets. Volkmar Sigusch, […]

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Career Advice: Do What You Love. No Really!

5 June 2005

“Commencement speakers have long offered graduating seniors the same warm and gooey career advice: Do what you love. And graduates have long responded the same way: They’ve listened carefully, nodded […]

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Bereavement Counselling Shows No Benefit

4 June 2005

Research that challenges the status quo is always worth taking notice of: “Bereavement counselling – long considered by psychologists to be vital in recovering from the death of a loved […]

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