April 2005

Importance of Eyebrows in Face Recognition

9 April 2005

Cognitive psychologists are very interested in how we recognise faces (here’s a previous entry on face blindness). In their attempts to work out precisely how we manage this task they’re […]

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British Psychological Society Annual Conference

8 April 2005

Last weekend the British Psychological Society had its Annual Conference. It’s a chance for psychologists to show off what they’ve been up to for the last year. Here’s some of […]

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Entering a State of Flow

7 April 2005

The experience of flow is sublimely uplifting, not only for its own sake but also for its results. Last week I spent five days working quietly and steadily on a […]

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The Polyamorous or Ethical Sluts

6 April 2005

“Polyamory is a neologism, signifying having more than one long term sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved. Persons who […]

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