April 2005

Liszt Read a Book While Practising Piano

20 April 2005

An excellent technique for learning a new skill is to find someone who is already successful at what you want to learn, and copy their technique. This is at the […]

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Politicians’ Uniquely Simple Personalities

20 April 2005

With the General Election only a few short weeks away, there’s election fever here in the UK. Well, even if the populace hasn’t quite reached fever pitch, there’s certainly a […]

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Eradicating Depression

19 April 2005

There is a half-formed mutant meme knocking around that the psychiatrist, Peter Kramer, wants to destroy. This idea seems to have popped up that perhaps we don’t want to completely […]

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Detecting Brain Function from Warm Ears

17 April 2005

“Nicolas Cherbuin, a psychologist at the Australian National University in Canberra, said there was still a lot that was unknown about the roles played by the two sides [of the […]

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Male Risk-Taking Not Attractive, But…

14 April 2005

The New Scientist has a report asking whether risk-taking men are attractive to women. The study found that taking risks only made men more popular with other men rather than […]

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Politicians Avoid Answering 60% of Questions

13 April 2005

In discussing the upcoming election here in the UK, Raj Persaud on All In the Mind asks whether politicians ever answer a question. Apparently when asked by a professional interviewer, […]

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SaneLine Staring Into Abyss

12 April 2005

The mental health charity SaneLine is staring into the abyss of financial ruin after the government stopped its funding and the tsunami appeal diverted many of its donors. The charity […]

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