April 2005

Self-Hypnosis May Help Hay Fever Sufferers

30 April 2005

Anyone who suffers from hay fever knows how irritating and, in some cases, disabling, the condition can prove. The New Scientist reports that self-hypnosis may be able to provide some […]

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Social Loafing and Social Facilitation

30 April 2005

If you’re not already aware of Wikipedia then check it out, it’s an encylopedia written by the people for the people. It’s articles are concise, interlinked and, in the most […]

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Net-Illiterate ‘Failing Children’

28 April 2005

“Internet-illiterate parents could leave their children on the wrong side of the digital divide, researchers have said. Many parents lack the skills to help their child’s internet use, a London […]

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Psychologists Proving Poor Election Pundits

27 April 2005

A press briefing was held in London yesterday in which a few psychologists speculated on the electorate’s mood. Due to the predictable content, the story only just limped into the […]

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The Difference Between Men and Women

25 April 2005

One species, two genders. Yes, biologically we are fundamentally different, but what about psychologically? Is the difference between men and women all a ‘social construction’? What if you give dolls […]

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Defending Infomania Findings

24 April 2005

There’s been a lot of criticism in the blogosphere of a widely reported news story this week about ‘infomania‘. If you haven’t already, have a quick read then come back. […]

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‘Infomania’ worse than marijuana

22 April 2005

“Workers distracted by email and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers, new research has claimed. The study for computing firm Hewlett […]

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