March 2005

Another Stupid Fad Diet

13 March 2005

Fad diets are now so numerous that when the latest is introduced, the media must whack the scepticism up to maximum to have any hope of people reading past the […]

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A Warning to Future Generations

12 March 2005

After yesterday’s optimistic utopian visions, it is only fair to provide some balance with the reviews of two book that have more skeptical outlooks. Both authors are reaching the end […]

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Creating a Happy Society

11 March 2005

Prospect Magazine has a blue skies article on the intersection between the psychology of happiness and politics. It asks how the research about what makes us happy can inform the […]

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Let’s talk about sexual diversity

10 March 2005

There are two lectures at the intellectual heart of this intelligent biopic of Alfred Kinsey, the sex researcher who dared to turn a scientific eye onto our sex lives. These […]

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Synaesthesia: Tasting a Sound

9 March 2005

Imagine you had a cross-wiring in your brain that caused information to leak from your sense of sounds into your sense of taste. This could mean that each time you […]

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UK Government to Ban Psychological Tricks in Casinos

7 March 2005

“They will be run according to British rules and we’ll simply not allow any tricks which people are subjected to unawares and which increase the risk of problem gambling.” One […]

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Profile of Dr Oliver Sacks

6 March 2005

The neurologist Dr Oliver Sacks provided a window into a mystifying parallel world of mental dysfunction in his book, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”. The descriptions […]

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