March 2005

Self-Help Books Criticised

22 March 2005

Dr Petra Boynton (left), the sex and relationship psychologist, provides some useful criticism of self-help books in response to an article in the Guardian Weekend. She points out that the […]

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Time Dilation on Radio 4′s All In The Mind

20 March 2005

When asked to estimate a three minute period of time, 20 year olds are significantly more accurate than the middle aged or elderly. Why? It seems that the elderly experience […]

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Debate on Psychological Sex Differences

18 March 2005

The heated debate on the average differences between the minds of men and women rumbles on. A perfectly rational and psychologically sound article published earlier this week in The Guardian […]

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Unusual Research in Psychology

17 March 2005

I need your help with some nominations for the most unusual research in psychology. Zimbardo’s prison experiments or Milgram’s compliance research are both unusual and strange in their own ways, […]

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Radio 4 Series on Biology of Personality

16 March 2005

A new series on Radio 4 presented by Judith Hann provides a good introduction to the biology of personality. In particular it focusses on and explains some aspects of the […]

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Political Correctness Gone Dreamy

15 March 2005

I have some sympathy for the idea of political correctness. At its heart lies a message of kindness to your fellow man (or woman). Be nice to each other or […]

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Reasons For Online Dating Vary Widely

14 March 2005

→ More recent article: Online dating psychology People going in search of love online have found that their high hopes for online romance have been hit by some unexpected behaviour. […]

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