January 2005

Us and them: not so different

23 January 2005

The mind is attracted to thinking in terms of dichotomies – we like to believe there’s two sides to every story. And that’s just how our minds like to process […]

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My personal advice for exam success

20 January 2005

Today I’m writing a personal note, because what is psychology if not rooted in the personal? I go in for my final psychology exam of this semester tomorrow. So today […]

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Modafinil. The caffeine of the future?

18 January 2005

Some interesting developments are on the horizon in psychopharmacology – the study of drugs that affect our psychological state. Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are the culturally (fairly) accepted methods of […]

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Kinsey’s sex surveys – prepare to repel misinformation

17 January 2005

Half a century ago the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey redefined what was considered normal sexual behaviour. A Hollywood film of his life is already garnering rave reviews in the US, […]

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Learning by example

16 January 2005

On a similar theme to yesterday’s post comes this article by well-known psychologist Alison Gopnick. Its kernal is that kids learn better by imitating and refining what someone is showing […]

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Do you have a secret life?

11 January 2005

So, how exactly do you separate your day-job at coporate HQ from your turns at the strip-joint? What types of mental strategies do you employ to avoid getting confused and […]

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Long working hours culture in UK

7 January 2005

Britain’s culture of long working hours is definitely alive and well – although I wouldn’t call is ‘slave labour’. This perennial article points out how much unpaid overtime we do […]

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