New research into asexuality

18 October 2004

Last week I posted an article on asexuality, the new sexual orientation hitting the headlines. Asexuals claim they have no interest in sex and expect that never to change. New […]

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Sleep-walker turns sex-walker

16 October 2004

This is the story of an Australian woman who managed to have sex with strangers in her sleep. So many questions are begged by this story, and only a few […]

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The (almost) infallible lie detector

15 October 2004

And it’s not a machine, it’s human and there are in fact thirty of them! Whittled down from a cast of thousands, Professor Maureen O’Sullivan from the University of San […]

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Introducing the sexually unoriented

14 October 2004

The first survey of asexuality has just been published drawing on work done ten years ago investigating sexuality. It was found that 1% of participants claimed never to have felt […]

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Mental health worsening around the globe

11 October 2004

Almost every day I read a story from a different country describing the worsening state of mental health there. It’s difficult to tell whether this is a result of a […]

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Ecstasy does affect memory under stress

8 October 2004

Previous studies have found that ecstasy only has negligible effects on memory. However, this new research from Australia uses more demanding cognitive tests. It found that there was a significant […]

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Have you ever been stalked?

6 October 2004

One in five women and one in twenty men will suffer from being stalked at some point in their lives. It is still a very little understood and often disturbing […]

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