10 May 2004

Raise your self-esteem with a computer game Back in the days when I allowed myself to play computer games I used to find Quake extremely good for venting anger. I […]

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6 May 2004

Why is religion natural?

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31 March 2004

Less choice is better for us This story has been picked up all over the place. Barry Schwartz’s arguments about how too much choice makes us unhappy are just general […]

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25 March 2004

Suppress it and you’ll dream about it… The usual criticism of Freud’s work is that many of his theories are largely unverifiable. Certainly no evidence has been found for two […]

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13 March 2004

Read all about it! Psychologist BF Skinner kept daughter in box like rat! Some part of us as human beings is deeply opposed to experimentation on ourselves. Even if it […]

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Optimism provides no help against cancer

3 March 2004

Counter-intuitive evidence from a small study. “A positive attitude does not improve the chances of surviving cancer and doctors who encourage patients to keep up hope may be burdening them, […]

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Does Your Life Need Shaking Up?

4 February 2004

I’ve been reading The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker. It restates the case for the strength of the genetic component of our personalities. Rightly or wrongly, reading Pinker’s impassioned prose […]

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