October 2004

The (almost) infallible lie detector

15 October 2004

And it’s not a machine, it’s human and there are in fact thirty of them! Whittled down from a cast of thousands, Professor Maureen O’Sullivan from the University of San […]

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Introducing the sexually unoriented

14 October 2004

The first survey of asexuality has just been published drawing on work done ten years ago investigating sexuality. It was found that 1% of participants claimed never to have felt […]

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Mental health worsening around the globe

11 October 2004

Almost every day I read a story from a different country describing the worsening state of mental health there. It’s difficult to tell whether this is a result of a […]

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Ecstasy does affect memory under stress

8 October 2004

Previous studies have found that ecstasy only has negligible effects on memory. However, this new research from Australia uses more demanding cognitive tests. It found that there was a significant […]

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Have you ever been stalked?

6 October 2004

One in five women and one in twenty men will suffer from being stalked at some point in their lives. It is still a very little understood and often disturbing […]

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Surgeons operate on baby to stop seizures

4 October 2004

Epilepsy is a debilitating illness which doctors are still struggling to understand. What we do understand is that it is a kind of electrical storm in the brain. At its […]

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Caffeine withdrawal could be a mental disorder

3 October 2004

Those of us who need a few cups of tea or coffee in the morning know a lack of caffeine is a mental disorder. > From The Seattle Times

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