August 2004

Being single NOT worse for you than smoking

31 August 2004

This story has come around again that being single is worse for you than smoking – this time in The Independent. I pointed out this story a couple of weeks […]

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Bad mood improves memory

31 August 2004

Journos seem surprised by this study that found that those who were in a bad mood were better eye witnesses than those in a good mood. To me, it makes […]

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Newsflash: Children are humans too!

31 August 2004

Adults are always a bit sniffy about the latest trends in children’s fashions. One of the newest is apparently the popularity of tatoos – not real ones but spray on. […]

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Top selling computer game targets women

28 August 2004

As cosmetic manufacturers are starting to wake up to the fact that they have traditionally been ignoring half of their potential market, so games manufacturers are also seeing the light. […]

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Music lessons enhance IQ

20 August 2004

Here is a longer post than normal which highlights the importance of reading the actual study rather than just the news report. First a quote from the report: “The idea […]

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My boss doesn’t care about my feelings!

19 August 2004

And that’s precisely how he got where he is today. So what is the difference between being labelled a psychopath and a successful businessman? A psychopath is happy to use […]

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Unwritten rules of the motorway

18 August 2004

Some interesting differences between the way that we drive in the UK and the States with philosophising about what it might mean. ‘In general, says psychologist Professor Steve Stradling, “roads […]

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